10 Gigabytes Per Month!

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How far does 10,000 Megabytes (MBs) of monthly data transfer gets you.

Most people in the western world maybe saying right now “No Internet provider gives 10 GBs per month!” and your right, most Internet Service Providers (ISP) in modern western society typically provide 30 GBs to Unlimited for about $15 to $45 per month.

What you probably didn’t know is that half of Canada still pays for third world service. Developing third world countries such as South America has the same ISP services as parts of Canada.

So how far does 10,000 MBs per month gets you in today’s rich media world.

If a month is 30 days that’s 333 MBs of Internet usage per day.

333 MBs is equal to:

  • About 90 minutes of low quality YouTube video viewing
  • About 40 minutes of moderate quality YouTube video viewing
  • About 4 (22min) videos from www.joost.com/www.hulu.com
  • 1 high quality album from iTunes Music Store (40 – 60 plus minutes in length)
  • 1 high quality iPod video (22min)

Realistically these numbers will be a lot less due to transmission over heads.

For Gamers the average Internet usage for one day’s game play of World of Warcraft is about 30 MBs for 12 hours, if you use voice chat this number will quickly multiply depending on how much audio is sent or received.

Rich media websites can easily consume MBs of data due to higher quality images, flash media (animations, videos, games), and advertisements.

How Much is 10 Gigabytes (GBs)?

10 GBs of data over 30 days is really not that much when you think about it, sharing photos and family videos plus viewing other family memories easily add up, even software updates add up a lot.

10 GBs is equal to:

  • About one full DVD
  • A free backup copy or trail of World of Warcraft (Excluding expansions)
  • About 24 iPod videos (22min’s each)
  • About 30 high quality albums from iTunes Music Store

Wait a minute “24 iPod videos” or “30 albums” I wish! After web surfing and email I get less than half of that at best. One can easily use 100 MBs per day web surfing/emails adding up to 3 GBs per month, not including trips to sites like YouTube. A 1 hour trip to a photo website can use over 100 MBs! imagine tiring to find a photo of a special cake or flower for school and it took 6 hours to find, you would use 600 MBs of data or even double in one day.

Software and updates can be a big consumer of data. A patch for games like Word of Warcraft can rage from 100 to 600 MBs in size and if you’re not up to date this can be very large to catch up to, for all the times you missed an update. If computer game updates aren’t enough there’s spyware, and anti-virus updates that are weekly, and security updates for your Operating System and other software.

For some people that like to try everything, there is lots of free software on the Internet like Open Office (free office suite) and free Operating Systems that can rage in size of 150 MBs to 10 GBs.

All in all 10 GBs is good for your Smart phone, lite Internet users who do very little or use the Internet a few times per week.

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