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[Anime Blog] Konohana Kitan

Posted: , By Patcoola

A young fox girl joins the staff of the Konohana hotel. While at the hotel she learns about life.

Konohana Kitan Blog [ Click Here ]

[Anime Blog] King’s Game

Posted: , By Patcoola

A survivor of a deadly supernatural version of the King’s Game brings the game to a new classroom of students. Will they survive?

King’s Game Blog [ Click Here ]

[Anime Blog] Juni Taisen: Zodiac War

Posted: , By Patcoola

Twelve warriors of the zodiac fight in a battle royal to have a single wish granted.

Juni Taisen: Zodiac War Blog [ Click Here ]

[Anime Blog] Garo: Vanishing Line

Posted: , By Patcoola

Knights fight people who became horrors while uncovering a conspiracy.

Garo: Vanishing Line Blog [ Click Here ]

[Anime Blog] Evil or Live

Posted: , By Patcoola

A boy is kidnapped and forced into an academy for high school students with severe Internet addiction.

Evil or Live Blog [ Click Here ]

[Anime Blog] Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~

Posted: , By Patcoola

A young woman with a poisonous touch experiences life for the first time from isolation. A band of misfits try to fight the British government, and try to uncover truth of the woman.

Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ Blog [ Click Here ]