Recovery of an MMO Junkie

Homare Koiwai

Homare Koiwai
Business man at a trading company
Co-worker with Sakurai

Homare is a social, fun loving, and charismatic man.

Homare is best friends with Yuta and became co-workers at the same trading company after Moriko quits her job. Homare enjoyed talking with Moriko over the phone, and was sadden to hear that his phone buddy had left. Homare was surprised to learn that Yuta had met Moriko and was interested in her.

Homare knows Moriko as a good employee and as someone that had worked hard for the company. Knowing that Moriko and Yuta both have social anxieties, Homare meddled in Yuta’s and Moriko’s relationship hoping the two will get closer.


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