Recovery of an MMO Junkie

Moriko Morioka

Moriko Morioka
NEET*, 30 years old

Moriko had a stressful job in a large corporation called Matsukaze Bussan Systems. Moriko made training manuals and provided support to employees. Moriko had anxiety talking over the phone till she started talking to an employee named “Homare Koiwai”. Koiwai is a very charismatic man who enjoyed talking to Moriko.

Moriko enjoys playing the massively multiplayer online (MMO) game NanterSG as a character named Yuki. Due to Moriko’s job she is only able to play on weekends. In the game she became good friends with a male character called Harth. Moriko would play with Harth and talk about her stressful job. Moriko wishes to quit her job to play video games.

Moriko stops playing NanterSG for a while to focus on work and saving money. Eventually Moriko could afford to quit her job to become a full time NEET. When Moriko gets home after quitting her job, she discovers that the game NanterSG had shutdown. Moriko does a search for the best online games and finds a game called Fruits de Mer. Moriko starts the game and creates a hot guy character called Hayashi. Hayashi becomes best friends with a female character named Lily and joins the guild “@Homeparty” with Lily. Hayashi’s relationship with Lily is almost romantic.

Moriko becomes torn between two worlds when she had a run in with a man named Yuta Sakurai. Sakurai accidentally hit Moriko in the head with his elbow whole walking a corner, trying to hold up his cell phone. Sakurai takes an interest in Moriko and offers to take her out. Moriko was hesitant at first but eventually goes out with him. However, Sakurai’s best friend Koiwai recognized Moriko and goes out with her as well.

Moriko as developed a love triangle with Sakurai and Koiwai. Moriko likes talking with Koiwai, but has a trouble time relating with Sakurai until one day Koiwai starts playing Fruits de Mer. When Koiwai asks to play with Moriko, he invites his friend Sakurai to play as well. Sakurai has already been playing the game and has a suspicion who Moriko. He also suspect that he has met her before in NanterSG as well. Sakurai’s relationship takes a huge leap when their online relationship becomes real.


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*Not in Education, Employed, or in Training (NEET)
*Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO)
*Role Playing Game (RPG)


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