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Stage Two Objectives and Mission

The following details our objectives and mission for stage two. This stage is the production of small games inspired by video game classics. Recreating classic games in a new twist to develop our digital assets and build a fan base. Stage two will conclude when a full featured game can be produced smoothly.


  • Retro remakes of old games
  • Development of new game components
  • Increase variety of produce-able game types
  • Build online fan base and reputation
  • Continued development of existing assets

Stage two recreates old games with a modern twist. By looking at video game history and the past, we are able to discover valuable insight into the future. Old games contain a wealth of information as well as experience. Welcome to our video game pilgrimage. Pong transformed to games like Breakout and then Space Invaders into Galaxian. Galaxian latter spawned an entire genre of games called Shoot ’em up. Remaking old games will expand our game creation components and produce-able game types. This allows us to explore a vast range of possibilities and innovative game mechanics for the future.

Development of new game components is essential. The recreation of old games allows us to evaluate and discover game mechanics and behaviors that we may of overlooked or had not considered. Video games contain a lot of small details that many do not notice. These details can make a game come alive, or make a game seem stiff and boring. Developing new game components is important to expand the game genres we can produce.

Increasing the range of produce-able game types is very important. There are a handful of gameplay mechanics in video game genres, some are harder to produce than others. We can already produce a number of games such as Pong, Space Invaders, Frogger, and Super Mario. These are examples of ball, shooter, obstacle, and platform. But there are still a variety of types we still haven’t touched such as matching, and connect four. Creating a variety of games will help us to expand, and the created games will be publish online for free.

All games made will be published online for free. We hope many people will try our games and enjoy them. By publishing our retro remakes, we hope to make a fan base or at least have enough players for self promotion. Brand recognition is important as we need monetization for future productions. The creation of small games will build our reputation and will make it easier for us to obtain the attention of potential publishers and investors. The creation of these games will also contribute to our growing library of digital assets.

The digital assets library is a collection of reusable arts and sounds for the creation of digital media. The library will continue to grow with every game made with our unique graphics style. Our original graphics is like a signature, and is easily recognizable. While creating our small games, we will also be developing the large assets to be revealed in stage three.

Stage two will conclude when we feel that enough games have been made, and the stage three project can be produced smoothly. Additional small games maybe created after stage two, however, few. Stage three will produce our first full featured video game, currently code named “The Village.” A game of life and judgment.


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