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Tigarus Stops Computer Services, Now by Request Only

Tigarus updates computer services website with important announcement. The computer services website Tigarus Systems now clearly states in a message that we are no longer officially providing these services anymore. However, you can still request them if you still need them or want to continue to show your support for Tigarus.

Tigarus opened the I.T. department to the public as fund raising to help support our development into the video game industry in 2010. Then discontinued our services’ business license in September 2018. The current Yukon business act does not require a license for temporary fund raisers. Tigarus Systems has never been very popular, failing to make the targeted goal of 3000 dollars per year. 2009 services were advertised as free, and only attracted nine customers the entire year.

Continued investment into the services was latter redeemed as a waste of time. Tigarus founder Patrick Spencer claimed that “something was better than nothing;” the over investment into the website was for the webdesign portfolio. The website also included a custom made customer relationship manager. Services also accepted Debit card payments for about a year and a half. Dreampayments was a Canadian startup and a good service till they abruptly quit without notice, and leaving us with a useless device in which we paid for. Tigarus Systems was amazing, we had custom tools, great services and we even invented a few, says Patrick.

Despite Patrick’s best efforts to attract customers, the closing was inevitable. Patrick whom provides the services himself would have to quit eventually. Patrick takes care of his elderly parents and has been planning to move with them to an easier living argument. Tigarus is now an indie video game studio.


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