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Thank You to Our 2019 Backers

Today we say a special thank you to seven registered backers and a small number of anonymous out-of-pocket donors whom had contributed $1791 Canadian last year (2019). These wonderful people continued to show their support even though fundraising and computer services were no longer official.

Thank you.

Patricia Reeder
Darren Knorr
Irwin Ballard
Phil Timpany
Richard Cloutier
Francis Dale Leyten
Werner Rhein

And the anonymous!

Donations are still begin accepted. Your contributes help the development of video games produced in the Yukon which may bring a new industry to the north. The Yukon has always been known for gold mining and we have a chance to change that. Tigarus has had a slow start as an indie games studio. We had 74 registered backers amounting for approximately $15,000 locally. Now, we are beginning our journey to create innovative games across platforms. It wouldn’t of been possible without the support of some really great people.

Thank you for your support.


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