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Thank You to Our 2021 Backers

2021 has been another difficult year for many, and for this we say thank you to our backers. Thank you to the seven registered backers and a small number of anonymous out-of-pocket donors who contributed $1,539 Canadian last year (2021) by requesting our computer services. We also give thanks to the many anonymous online donations. Your donations help develop a new industry to the great white north.

Thank you.

Barbara Barrett
Linda Augustine
Donna Clayson
Andy Hens
Rhea Yergeau
Alessandro Pauletti
Anton Mueller

And the anonymous!

This year has been without a doubt a difficult year. Our very own head of Tigarus “Patrick Spencer” had to temporary step away from the team in order to take care of his father and mother after his father had suffered a major heart attack. This year has also been a slow year for local backers and requested computer services. However, online anonymous crypto donations have reached a new all time high with an estimated $22,000 CAD. At the moment we are not able to redeem crypto donations due to geological challenges. And we give thanks to the over 60 anonymous crypto contributes. Thank you.

While we can not redeem crypto contributions at the moment, we hope people continue to donate and show their support for Tigarus. Our goal has not changed, we are committed to become the Yukon’s first official independent video game studio. New industries are important for the North’s future, community, and job creation.

Thank you all for your support.

2022-01-13 Correction: The estimated amount of crypto donations for 2021 was estimated in Canadian dollars and not American. Actual amount will vary due to fees and exchange rates.


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