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Web Apps: Video Resolution Calculator

, By Patcoola


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Step 1

Enter the Height or Width of the video to find the size you want to know.

Step 2

Select the Aspect Ratio.

Step 3

Press the Calculate button to calculate your measurement.

Example: Width 1280, Aspect Ratio 16:9 = 1280 X 720.

Anamorphic Modulus

For advance users, default value 2.

Note: Video display dimensions cannot have an odd number.

Reset Button

This button will clear all fields and results.


July 06, 2014: Version 2.1
– New button style
– App is inaccessible until fully loaded
– New Web App functionality implementation (Pre JS Library)

April 30, 2014: Launched new HTML version
– No longer Adobe Flash
– Added Anamorphic Modulus
– Added Recommended Resolution for Modulus other than 2
– Added 4:3 (PAL/SECAM) Aspect Ratio
– Added Aspect Ratio Visual



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