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and trying to make cartoons and video games from home.

Blog Update: December 7, 2009

, By Patcoola

Big updates made to the blog and pages section.

More details and changes will be made in the following months as more ground work is completed.


Projects page now includes links to project details, news, view demo, etc.

Products page now has updated details, titles, links and page formatting.

Services page now has some added service details and page formatting.

Media page now has a link to Videos and some page formatting.

About page now has updated details, grammar, punctuation and page formatting.

Contact Me page now has improved page layout and Captcha to the form.


Web Site Theme:

Added ‘Add-To-Any’ plug-in. The popular Save and Share links/bookmarking tool has been added to the side bar.

New Contact Form.

Added Captcha to comments and forms.

Banned IP Address:

The following IP addresses have been blocked for Spam:




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