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Digital Television Canada

, By Patcoola

August 31, 2011 Canadian broadcasters will have to make the switch to digital. This switch means that all over-the-air television broadcast signals will be digital. Canadians who subscribe to satellite or digital cable are already on a digital service.


If you are currently receive CBC over-the-air with an antenna or rabbit ears, you can make the switch to digital with the purchase of a digital converter box. This digital converter box will cost about $80-100 CAD. No government rebates or vouchers will be provided to Canadians.

HDTVs may include a built-in (ATSC) tuner; in this case the purchase of a digital converter box may not be necessary. ATSC tuners allow for over-the-air signals of digital and high definition channels.

The benefits of digital include superior video/audio quality, consistent quality with no noise. The switch to digital will open a the new 4G wireless service coverage to Canadians everywhere.

For more information about the switch to DTV please visit:
Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission




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