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Web Apps: Audio File Size Calculator

, By Patcoola

Calculate the file size of your music and audio.
Converting your CDs or music and want to know what the file size will be, then try this calculator.

Mp3, OGG, WMA, AAC, MP4A, etc file size calculator.



Step 1

Enter the duration of the audio file example: Hours, Minutes, Seconds.

You may leave any time field empty or enter the value of zero if no value is needed.

Example: Duration 1 minute; leave all fields blank and enter 1 in the minutes field.

Note: There is no limit to any time value; if you know the total duration of the audio in seconds you may enter it in the seconds field.

Step 2

Enter or select the audio’s constant bit rate in kbits/s (kbps) in the Bitrate (CBR) field.

Step 3

Press the Calculate button to calculate the audio’s file size.

Reset Button

This button will clear all fields and results.

Note: This calculator can only calculate constant bit rates (CBR). However, you can also use the average bit rate as well.


May 15, 2019: Version 2.1.1
– Fixed some weird bug for the Bitrate input field position

July 06, 2014: Version 2.1
– New button style
– App is inaccessible until fully loaded
– New Web App functionality implementation (Pre JS Library)

April 30, 2014: Launched new HTML version
– No longer Adobe Flash




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  1. GoodJob says:

    Thanks for this great calculator!


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