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Life: Unemployable

, By Patcoola

For some reason I am just unemployable. I don’t know why, people just don’t want to hire me. Here are some experiences I’ve had with some places that is considered a sure thing.


Walmart: After going over my application with the administrative staff member and saying it was fine, my mother who was also working at Walmart became very angry when she found out that I was not hired because “His application was incomplete.”

McDonalds: I told them, I have no experience, and I guess they didn’t want to train me. I really don’t know. Maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t work at McDonalds because most of the employees looked very depressed.

The Source by Circuit City: I was not hired because I did not own a digital camera. I told them I know how to use a camera, I took photography in high school, but and I quote “Digital cameras are the number one seller and customers have questions we have to be able to answer them.”

Canadian Tire: After tiring to apply for two weeks I final found someone that would administer me; after taking a computerized test the administer said I was “high risk” and refused to tell me more. Needless to say I was not hired.

Extra Foods: After filling out the application, the administer looked at my availability and said in a loud voice “What do you think this is a bank!” I was not working or going to school at the time so I filled out the chart indicting I am available every day from 8-5. The administer didn’t have to freak out, because they only need someone to work 2-3 days a week at random hours. From the sounds of it the administer wasn’t getting many hours either. [Looser *cough*]

Staples: The administer said everything is good and the background check was clean, but “Don’t tell anyone, everyone is getting a 14 cent pay raise and it may take sometime to have everything sorted up. Can you come back in 7 days; we should have everything sort up by then.” So I came back on the seventh day before launch and there was all the managers talking, they quickly finished and the administer turned to me and said “Oh, we were just talking about you. We thought you already had a job.”

Final Thoughts:

Who would have guessed that some of the easiest places to get a job would turn me down, even though they all have a help wanted sign in the front. Now most of these businesses are hiring Asian foreign works to meet employment demands. Funny they will hire Asians into the country but they will not hire me a local. [I happen to be half Asian

I am unemployable.

If I’m not over qualified, too young or under qualified for a computer job here is one computer related story.

Anonymous Business:

I was applying for a graphic design position. I said I mostly work with Flash and here are samples of Vector graphics I have done. After I presented my samples of Flash/Illustrator the manager administering the interview said “I’m sorry we really don’t do any work with Flash and Animation here and we need people with actual business training.”

What? Am I missing something here? I don’t believe I have said anything about doing animation, I am showing my work with graphics. Vector graphics are very important for commercial design such as Signage, Tee Shirts, Desktop Publishing, etc. “Business training” Apparently he didn’t even look at my resume nor can he tell the difference between a picture and something that needs special software to be viewed.




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