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Digital Distribution, The Future

, By Patcoola

The future is digital, most music, movies and games are all moving to Digital Distribution.

Digital Distribution has proven to have may more benefits over stores. Digital is stay-at-home, on demand, and cost affective. Digital Distribution allows for products that would be no longer be in print to still be available, with digital you have a copy that lasts forever, in-fact some companies allow you access to multiple copies or versions. Digital is also cheaper, companies can afford to lower prices and provide discount prices.


Traditional distribution by stores is extremely expensive and slow. Traditional distribution requires a lot more materials, time, costs, shipping, taxes, etc. CDs, DVDs and disks don’t last forever, CD rout can destroy a CD withing 5 years instead of the expected time span of 32 years.

Who has gone digital?

iTunes, Walmart, Amazon, Pure Tracks

Movies Rentals / On-Demand:
Netflixs, iTunes, Digital Cable Providers

Video Games Consoles:
Play Station Network
Xbox Live

Computer Games:
Steam website: website:
D2D website:

Computer Software:
Microsoft and many companies have used digital distribution to provide there products instantly and cheaper for many years. Millions of digital media and applications are delivered everyday over the Internet.




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