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and trying to make cartoons and video games from home.

Blog Update: March 15, 2010

, By Patcoola

Lots of behind the scenes blog changes.

For anyone interested in what was changed and updated a complete list is attached below.

Continuing changes will include more pages updates and theme updates.


Blog Changes Log


Created: Featured Topics
Web Apps >> ?tag=web-apps
Computer Technician >> ?tag=computer-technician

Post Tags >> Removed: Licensing
Post Tags >> Technician to Computer Technician, slug to computer-technician
Post Tags >> Removed: The Fish Tank

Edit Posts:
Post >> Strong Passwords: Tags >> add: Computer Technician
Post >> Blog Update: December 7, 2009: Tags >> add: Updates
Post >> Blog Update: Projects Page: Tags >> add: Updates

Links >> Added: Featured Topics
Links >> Blogroll moved below Featured Topics
Links >> Sets: Show Link Image >> unchecked

Projects >> Clean HTML
Projects >> Links to Projects now cataloged as Demo or App
Projects >> Added Project: Estimated Time of Arrival Calculator
Products >> Clean HTML
Products >> Fixed Highlights
Services >> Clean HTML
Services >> Added Remote Services descriptions
Contact Me >> Removed extra content, just content form
Contact Me >> Added Thank you message
Plugins >> si-contact-form form=’1′ >> Form DIV Width: 450;
Plugins >> si-contact-form form=’1′ >> Input Text Field Size: 60;
Plugins >> si-contact-form form=’1′ >> Input CAPTCHA Field Size: 8;
Plugins >> si-contact-form form=’1′ >> Input Textarea Field Cols: 60, Rows: 20;
Plugins >> si-contact-form form=’1′ >> Redirect URL: ?page_id=57&page=2
Plugins >> AddToAny >> unchecked: Use inline CSS **

Theme Change Log

header.php >> added style sheet AddToAny.css link
theme inove >> added AddToAny.css file
Theme inove >> languages folder removed
Theme inove >> chinese.css removed

header.php >> no longer has rss comments
header.php >> longer has translations
header.php >> added filter to remove wordpress version
footer.php >> theme info changed
page.php >> now no longer displays; comments are disabled
page.php >> now no longer displays; related posts are disabled
single.php >> if related posts exists
single.php >> some php tweaks
sidebar.php >> no longer has the rss box with the links
sidebar.php >> no follow me options
twitter.php >> removed
styles.css >> removed font from font family
styles.css >> block quotes, pre changed padding
styles.css >> more-link, now bold
styles.css >> font families: removed all “BitStream vera Sans”
styles.css >> twitter styles removed
styles.css >> fixed bullets




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