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Play any Music or Video on Your Mac

, By Patcoola

Downloading videos from the Internet may contain many different video types that Quick Time and iTunes for example may not beadle to play on your Mac. The following describes what you can download to support all these formats with your Mac.

Audio / Video Components

Components add the format to your media player application; you can play the given format with Quick Time, iTunes, iMovie, Front Row, etc.

Perian is a program that manages, and adds the audio and video components to your Mac that is needed to play almost any audio / video format.

Download Perian from

Windows Media formats are not included with Perian.
Flip4Mac is a commercial product with a free version available for playing Windows Media formats (wmv, wma).

Download Flip4Mac from

Ogg is a popular mp3 alternative that is free and provides much higher audio quality than mp3. XiphQT adds the ogg audio format to your Mac.

Download XiphQT from


If you don’t want to download all the above components a simple alternative is to download a new media player that has most of these components built-in to the program.

VLC from
MPlayer from

Are two applications that are an all-in-one solution.

XBMC is an all-in-one Media Center solution that can be used with the Apple Remote and Apple TV. This Application can be used to replace Apple’s Front Row.

Download XBMC from




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