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Northwestel Loves Overage Fees

, By Patcoola

Internet Service Provider (ISP) Northwestel does not properly explain to their customers the value of their Internet service.

Many residents of the Yukon have subscribed to Northwestel’s High Speed Internet services without knowing the true value of there service resulting in large overage fees, some amounting from $250 and over $1000 dollars Canadian (CAD).


Northwestel provides one gigabyte (1000 MBs) of data transfer per month for $35 CAD with overage fees of $10 dollars per gigabyte.

With the average cost of Internet in Canada costing about $35 CAD, Northwestel subscribers did not realize that the North’s service value is about 1/60th of the rest of Canada resulting in massive overage fees.

Northwestel’s response to the overage fees is to recommend subscribers “To avoid future overage fees we would like to suggest your Ultra High Speed Internet Service for $80 per month”.

It is sad that the average Internet service in Canada costs $35 per month and about $80 in the North for a lesser service.




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