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Northwestel Only Wants Cable Internet

, By Patcoola

Northwestel wants us all on cheap Cable Internet Services. Recent upgrades in September 2009 to the cable service infrastructure for digital cable. Northwestel has made big claims of better service and value to Cable Internet services leaving ADSL subscribers fighting mad.


Northwestel’s ASDL Ultra is $80 per month and provides 20 GBs of usage while Northwestel’s Digital Cable Ultra is $80 per month and provides 60 GBs of usage.

About 90% of Yukon Internet subscribers are on the ADSL service and only about 27% of all subscribers have the Cable Internet service available to them.

Northwestel’s continuing comments on their Internet services is to wait for cable to come to your area and make the switch.

Unfortunately this is not possible for the Yukon’s geography nor is Cable the ideal Internet service for everybody.

Northwestel has made it clear they do not want to upgrade the ADSL infrastructure to the new ADSL2+ system because of the high costs. In addition Northwestel’s defense on not upgrading is “It’s cheaper to maintain one system” negating all the other communication services they are obligated to maintain.

Cable is fast but cheap for a reason, many Internet subscribers have tried Cable Internet before in the past and are now dedicated ADSL subscribers. Cable is a shared bandwidth with a limited geographical area and can never replace ADSL.

Northwestel’s poor and unbalance service values angers customers.




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