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Broadband Canada Announces Est 169,000 Households

, By Patcoola

Government organization Broadband Canada announces first projects for bringing new high speed broadband access to rural areas around Canada.

52 projects, in nine provinces and territories across Canada, will bring broadband Internet access to an estimated 169 000 households.


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The Territories will include six regions and 25 communities, estimated to connect about 12886 households.

Northwest Territories

Detah, Tsiigetchic and Tulita estimated 366 households

Tuktoyaktuk, Deline and Wha Ti estimated 741 households


25 communities estimated 11779 households

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The purpose of Broadband Canada is to ensure access, performance and quality of high speed Internet access across Canada. Broadband Canada ensures rural areas are connected and have quality performance.

[Broadband Canada]




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