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Northwestel Increases DSL Usage Limits

, By Patcoola

The Yukon’s only communications provider Northwestel upgrades DSL Internet services September 1st.

Recent upgrades to the ADSL service include the following below.
Information Gathered September 01, 2010.

ADSL Lite $41.95 384 Kbps DL 128 Kbps UL 5 GB Data
ADSL Classic $62.95 2.5 Mbps DL 256 Kbps UL 15 GB Data
ADSL Ultra $83.95 5 Mbps DL 512 Kbps UL 30 GB Data


Changes made from last September:

StarterConnect service plan has been removed.

ADSL Lite price change: From $39.95 to $41.95 a $2 dollar increase.
ADSL Lite service change: None.

ADSL Classic price change: From $59.95 to $62.95 a $3 dollar increase.
ADSL Classic service change: Data usage limit increased from 10GBs to 15GBs a 50% increase.

ADSL Ultra price change: From $79.95to $83.95 a $4 dollar increase.
ADSL Ultra service change: Data usage limit increased from 20GBs to 30GBs a 50% increase.

Final Thoughts:

ADSL services changes are now a little more balance and fair compared to the Cable Internet Services.

In fact the ADSL service values are much more balanced than the Cable service which remains with huge value gaps between the High Speed and Ultra service plans.

The recent ADSL service changes will provide current subscribers some confidence and encouragement to use the Internet longer; about 50% longer which is a reasonable increase. For example: ADSL Classic users can now use the service at full load for about 16 hours, this is a 5 hour increase over the previous 11 hours of service provided with the ADSL Classic service plan. In terms of daily web surfing ADSL Classic subscribers can look forward to about 240 hours and greater depending on their web surfing activities (a 96 hour increase).

These much awaited changes are met with a well welcome.

* Time measurements taken from Internet Service Value Calculator




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