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Web Apps Road-map for 2011

, By Patcoola

The following is a list of possible Web Apps to be made or updated in 2011.

Aspect Ratio Calculator 2.0
This maybe a series of small apps, each app will be for different formats like PAL, NTSC. The new calculator will include an important feature called Aspect Ratio Error, this feature will indicate if the given dimensions may have compatibility issues.

Transfer Rate Calculator 2.0
This new version will provide more options for determining the average or current rate of transfer.

Estimated Time Remaining (ETR) Calculator
This app is for the people that have confused ETA with ETR. This calculator estimates the amount of time something will take. Like distance or data.

Time Established Calculator
This app takes a start time and end time then calculates the duration.

MP3 Player Capacity Calculator
This calculator determines the average amount of songs that and total time a music player can store.

Streaming Video Bandwidth Calculator
This calculator will display the amount of time you can watch videos online, how fast you download, and the amount of data used with different video qualities.

Cell Phone Service Value Calculator
This calculator will display valuable information about the value of service you are receiving from your service provider or plan.

DVD Bitrate Calculator
This calculator is a handy tool for determining the amount of video/audio that can be stored on a DVD, size, duration, audio/video quality.

Internet Service Value Calculator Update
Corrections to the units, give speed more value, user inputs will have selectable units.

Web Apps Copy Protection Update
Copy protection system will be updated to display an error or warning message instead of nothing.
May also display reason for the error. We can now block non Adobe players or versions, select web browsers or versions and select operating systems. Note we will not be blocking any of these things.




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