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Californian ISP Flags Me For Excessive Internet Usage [Life]

, By Patcoola

We sometimes hear stories about Internet Service Providers sending out letters and warnings about illegal or abusive Internet usage, but I’ve near expected to receive a call from California.

First I should explain where I live and a bit of my I.T. background. I live in the Yukon Territory of Canada, in the Yukon I pay approximately $65 per month for 15 Gigabytes of Internet usage. I am a certified and licensed professional in Information Technology. You can imagine that I run a perfect system with a closely watched network to prevent insane Internet overage fees.

January 22, 2011, today I received a phone call from an Internet Service Provider (ISP) in California claiming that my computer is sending messages that is interfering with their systems. The company said they have traced the messages back to my computer, they even had my real name and current mailing address. They even said they have sent me an email and a letter explaining the matter and I responded by saying that I have not received anything of the sort. The ISP explained that they are calling to warn me about my computer’s Internet use and to assist me in finding the problem.


I told them their claims are far-fetched and went along with their instructions just to humor them. They first asked me to check my computer’s Event Logs, I told them there are no errors, there are no warnings. They did not believe me, I told them I monitor all Internet and network traffic. They did not believe me and wanted me to check my computer’s task manager. They became frustrated and claimed I was not cooperating with them, I was offend and said their story is far-fetched. Need less to say we ended our conversation then, but not without a warning “If this continues you can expect other ISPs to contact you”.

Latter that day I did a network check for three hours and of-course I was correct. For three hours with all the computers idle, there was not one Incoming or Outgoing packet. As a final note, the amount of Internet usage required to do what they were suggesting would cost me thousands of dollars in Internet fees, because in the Yukon we pay extremely high amounts for the data we use.

I will send the Californian company my Internet usage statement from my ISP with a formal complaint.




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