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Northwestel Neglects Customer Service for Internet Troubles

, By Patcoola

Over the past few months Northwestel customers have been taking advantage of Tigarus Solutions free customer support. The common complaint against Northwestel has been that they are refusing to help their customers connect to the Internet. Customers of Northwestel have claimed that Northwestel employees have refused to provided solutions/support and have been stating that customers should contact computer technicians with their computer problems.


Recently a Northwestel customer had contacted Tigarus Solutions for help, she stated that Northwestel technicians inspected their Cable Modem and said to her “nothing is wrong with our equipment you need a computer technician”.

Tigarus Solutions troubleshot the computer over the phone with some simple steps and concluded the problem is the network cable running from the Cable Modem to the computer. The cable needed to be replaced and the problem was solved; Tigarus Solutions was able to help the woman over the phone in under 10 minutes for free.

Over the last few months of providing free customer support to Northwestel customers, all have been simple problems that did not require a computer technician and were solved over the phone. This sort of customer support is a responsibility of Northwestel as all major Internet Service Provides in Canada do. Telus for example will help you setup your Wireless Router over the phone.

“If customers cannot connect to the Internet, there is no reason to continue paying for services that is not redeemable.” ~ Telus

Northwestel should take more responsibility for such small technical support issues.




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