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Speed Up BitTorrent Downloads

, By Patcoola

A common problem people have using BitTorrent is trouble surfing the Internet while downloading or that downloads are slow.

The problem is not the Internet Service Provider (ISP) as many people think, but the user’s BitTorrent settings. By default BitTorrent is configured to use unlimited bandwidth, the problem occurs when the user is uploading to other leeches or initializing connections..

To solve the problem you must limit the maximum upload speed of BitTorrent.


To better understand why uploading to leeches is the problem, I’ll explain how the Internet works. The Internet itself is half duplex, this means that a connection can only send data in one direction at a time. Most Internet connections are asynchronous this means that the upload speed of the Internet connection is the required amount of bandwidth to download at your services full speed, this means that the faster you download the more messages your computer has the send the host computer you’re downloading from.

Because the Internet can only send data in one direction at a time, you have to limit the amount of bandwidth you can upload to other leeches.

If your maximum upload speed is 50 KB/s you should limit the speed to 25 KB/s. Doing this will allow the user to surf the Internet at the same time and improve the download performance. However, if you are downloading and uploading at the same time, the maximum download speed will be limited to about half.

Note: BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer network and download speeds will depend on the leeches and seeds uploading to you.




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