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The Internet Not So Forever

, By Patcoola

For years we have all had the idea or have heard that anything put on the Internet is forever, this is actually wrong. Although it is possible for data to exist forever, nothing is truly forever.

The only true way that data can survive is if the data is continued to be passed on by generations of websites and users. The fact is information has to stay in the spot light and stay relevant or be lost. Websites disappear, services shutdown, companies close or become bankrupt, old or useless information is deleted and accounts expire.


As most information on the Internet may take over 50 years before it is phased out, I estimate the average web page or blog posting will disappear between 5 and 10 years. The Internet changes and evolves as culture changes, systems, and companies change over time.

Evolution, in the 1990’s the Internet was full of personal home pages and in 2000 the Internet changed to blogs. 2010 the Internet has changed to social media and even what was once the largest social media website on the web have fallen. It is not that a website can collapse under its own weight but the Internet also is ruled by survival of the fittest.

As long as people choose to support something on the Internet it can live on, but without the support and interest, the information will be lost. Ultimately websites change, old information is deleted, services shutdown, people stop supporting systems/websites, and companies close down. Information on the Internet is not truly forever.




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