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I.T. Professionals Choose Not To Participate In Online Help Forums

, By Patcoola

Online discussions are a great way of getting useful advice and exchanging ideas, but why is it when you post a computer problem on an online forum it is hard to get any real help.

There are many online message boards, forums and bulletin boards dedicated to helping the public with their computer issues for free, but often many questions go unanswered or is not given adequate advice. Sometimes the question is turned into a heated argument.


Many I.T. professionals choose not to participate in online help forums not because they don’t have the time, but because amateurs actively challenge the opinions of the professionals while creating a hostile environment.

Quote: “There’s always some 14 year old who thinks they know more than the guy who has a masters degree whom has over 14 years of experience.”

In addition to teens we also have to deal with many others a like, such as the non-certified employees of Best Buy and everyone else who has an opinion no matter how wrong they are. Because of the negative public community on the Internet, I.T. professionals do not care for participating in online help forums.

I.T. professionals choose not to participate in online help forums, message boards and discussions for your computer problems because of the public. Everyone thinks they’re better than a certified professional and is quick to pick a fight with each other. The Internet is not kind and is a hostile environment with added stress to life we can do without, therefor many questions remain unanswered.




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