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July 1, 2011 Northwestel Increases DSL Usage Caps

, By Patcoola

July 1, 2011 DSL Ultra and Business Ultra data caps have been increased.

DSL Ultra has been increased from 30GBs to 50GBs and the overage fee rates have been deceased from $10 to $7.5 per gigabyte (GB). The price has also recently increased from $83.95 to $87.95.


Business DSL Ultra has been changed from 50GBs to 75GBs.

All other services and rates appear to remain the same.


Opinions, the changes further perpetuate the notion that Northwestel is purposely pushing customers to the most expensive service plan or pay huge penalties in overage fees. At the moment the DSL service plans are now unbalanced and include higher overage rates for going over usage caps; in addition DSL has had much smaller usage caps in comparison to the Cable services. Despite Cable being the cheaper technology, data rates are significantly lower with Cable; bundle discounts are only available with the Cable service which can improve data rates slightly, furthering the rate differences.

DSL Lite: 5GBs – $41.95 ($8.39/GB)
DSL Classic: 15GBs – $62.95 ($4.20/GB)
DSL Ultra: 50GBs – $87.95 ($1.76/GB)

Cable Lite: 5GBs – $41.95* ($8.39/GB)
Cable Standard: 20GBs – $62.95* ($3.15/GB)
Cable Performance: 60GBs – $83.95* ($1.40/GB)
Cable Extreme: 90GBs – $129.95* ($1.44/GB)
*Before bundled discount




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