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Web Apps: Link Checker and Expander

, By Patcoola

Link Checker finds out what the link is before you click on it by crawling the address for the truth.

Find the real Web address of a short link and link forwarding.
Find the Web page’s title.
Find out if the link is still alive or dead.
Find out if the link is for a download, determine the file type and file size of the download.


This Web App is a free to use service. If you like this Web App and would like to see new features added; please contribute by report errors, sending feedback or buying a T-Shirt, thank you.


Step 1 – Website Address (Required)

Enter URL to check.

Submit Button

Press the Submit button to process the URL.

Print View Button

This button will provide a full Application screen display (report view) of all results.

In this report view you have a lager view of all results, the option to print and ability to select text from the results to copy.

Reset Button

This button will clear all fields and results.


See [Change Log for Link Checker and Expander]


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