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How To Block YouTube Videos On All Your Computers

, By Patcoola

Many people have their reasons to block Youtube videos and not the Website, but many people have had the problems with how to block the videos. Some people have tried software, but if you have many computers in the home/office, this takes a lot of time and viewers can work around the software. The best solution is to block the videos from the Internet Router.


Using your Internet Router you may add a Website Filter to block just the videos and not Youtube. To do so we need the Web address in which the videos are accessed from. Add the address to your routers Web filter list and check to see if your router requires a Control Policy to be created before the list can take effect.

Address to block:

*Access Control is a Control Policy used to manage which computers can have port forwarding and Web Filters. Many new routers have this feature and is required for these features to take effect.

*Some Routers may only allow super domain to be filtered, example:




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