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Northwestel’s Internet Usage Tool Still Questionable

, By Patcoola

*November 28, 2011
See [Northwestel’s Internet Usage Tool Still Inaccurate]

Although I haven’t done any formal tests cause of the difficulty to maintain the strict and limited test conditions for data accuracy, I have started rechecking my own usage.

My informal checks have shown a growing concern over Northwestel’s current data tracking. I was ensured by Northwestel that they will fix the problems I have reported before and for a short time it seemed that they have been fixed till a month ago when tool started becoming unstable.


Here are some examples of what I have seen this month of November for my own usage.

Case 1 – 9MBs of mysterious data reported when no data was used.
Case 2 – 120MBs was reported by Northwestel as 140MBs
Case 3 – 100MBs was reported by Northwestel as 150MBs
Case 4 – 70MBs was reported by Northwestel as 140MBs

A formal test will have to be conducted for absolute certainty and credibility.




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