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Northwestel Shuts Down Navigo Wireless Internet Service

, By Patcoola

Northwestel pulls the plug on their Navigo Wireless Internet service January 31, 2012.

The long lived Navigo service was perhaps a dead fish in the world of Internet services from day one, although the WiMax technology looked promising with a maximum theoretically rage of 20kms, the technology failed to evolve over the years and has now been over taken by cell phone data services. WiMax technology recently had it’s 2.0 standard/specifications approved in 2011, but was too many years too late to be of any value to already existing WiMax providers.

As for Northwestel customers, it should come to no surprise that the service has been officially discontinued as the company had silently dropped maintenance for their WiMax infrastructure years ago. Northwestel is in fact making the smart business decision to discontinue WiMax and possibly focus on cell phone services.




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