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Fake Albums in Torrents

, By Patcoola

For many people torrenting music with BitTorrent is the norm, but did you know that not all albums in the torrent are real.

A Torrent can be a huge collection of albums made by a single artist/band, you can literary download a copy of everything that artist/band made, but you can also download albums that don’t exist.


Sometimes a Torrent can contain bootleg or fan albums that were put together by a third party. Bootleg albums are fake albums published by bootleggers to sell to the unknowing public containing the bands previously released songs. Fan albums are basically play-lists or mix tapes. Sometimes these albums are mistaken for real albums and are included with Torrents.

So if you’re wondering why you have so many compilation albums and greats hits or why a new band has 12 albums when they are only one-year-old, you may have some fakes.




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