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Animation Studios In The Yukon

, By Patcoola

Tigarus Solutions: Interactive Media is the Yukon’s largest and leading production studio in 2D animation.

At Tigarus we can produce professional 2D animations at frame rates up to 120 frames per second with no additional labor or production time.

Tigarus can produce rich, smooth animations up to 4K resolution; which is about two times the size of high definition and can be used in iMax productions.


Tigarus has made the Yukon’s largest animation production library for use with our in-house production series called The Curling Club. With this library, Tigarus can recreate virtually any land scope in the Yukon in just a few hours where it would normally take an artist days to complete.

Tigarus is also the Yukon’s fastest production company capable of doing 120 frames per second animation in high definition in a fraction of the time of traditional digital studios, thanks in part to a method of digital animation invented by Tigarus called Total Motion.

Sound, at Tigarus we currently support professional audio recording at full stereo high definition sound. Tigarus has a collection of royalty free audio samples and sound effects, we can also create additional resources as needed.

Note: Coola Studios is now Tigarus.




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