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Tigarus Solutions, Interactive Marketing And Advertising In The Yukon

, By Patcoola

How Does Tigarus Compare To Other Marketing Companies In The Yukon

Tigarus Solutions: Interactive Media, is a different kind of marketing company in the Yukon, we specialize in a rich interactive multimedia experience that no other company in the Yukon can provide. In fact we are a production and development company.

In the Yukon the top marketing companies provide: Advertising, Web design, Graphic design, Marketing and Consulting. Tigarus does Web development, Graphics, Animation, Audio/Video, Application development, Game development and much more.


Tigarus does the work the other companies can’t do. Only at Tigarus can you add videos with digital effects on your website, have interactive applications for your users and have an iPhone App available with any computing platform.

Tigarus is also the only marketing company in the Yukon with it’s own IT department, in fact Tigarus has some of the best computer services technology in the world, able to service Apple, Linux and Windows.

At Tigarus we take a different approach to marketing/advertising, we believe the content should speak for itself and be the advertisement that gets people talking and coming back for more.




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