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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for Windows 7 64Bit

, By Patcoola

Troubleshooting guide for playing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (swkotor) for Windows 7 64Bit.

The following is a guide for getting swkotor to run smoothly with Windows 7 64Bit Edition by Patcoola. As a Steam user I purchased the game during a big Christmas sale to discover the game has compatibility issues, however, the game still works and can be fixed by changing some settings in your game and your video card control panel.

* This article is as is, user experience my vary.


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Known Issues:

  • Opening screen logo movies prevent game from starting
  • Game crashes on cinematic movies
  • Wide-screen stretching
  • Mouse does not work
  • Character stop moving after combat
  • Screen Flickers and Anti-Aliasing
  • Keyboard stopped working

Guide Context:

  • Check the Video Card Control Panel
  • Check if V-Sync is enabled
  • Check the Anti-Alias Mode
  • Scaling (Optional)
  • Configuring swkotor
  • Select the game’s Resolution
  • Enable V-Sync
  • Disable Enable Hardware Mouse
  • Enable Frame Buffer
  • Disable Full Screen

Quick Solutions*:

  • Character Stops Moving Fix
  • Opening Screen Logo Movie Fix
  • Cinematic Movies Fix
  • Mouse Fix
  • Wide-screen Fix
  • Screen Flickers and Anti-Aliasing

* Check Guide First


  • Keyboard Stopped Working

Check the Video Card Control Panel

V-Sync, the vertical refresh is not needed for flat screens but this game needs it to limit its frame rate. We need to make sure the vertical refresh setting is set to application specifies, this means the V-Sync is on only if the application asks for it.

Anti-Alias Mode, we need to set this to Multi-sample AA also known as “Best Performance”, this is the most compatible Anti-Alias mode, this will allow Anti-Aliasing and should prevent flicking.

Scaling (Optional), this can be a complicated subject because there is many different ways to handle this. Wide-screen monitors may stretch the image, the video car control panel also has scaling options; some monitors have a button to manually change the image, but I suspect scaling is why in game movies crash. I recommend not to playing swkotor in full screen mode.

Configuring swkotor

swkotor Steam Edition
Location: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\swkotor”

First step, using Windows Explorer open the file folder above. Run the swconfig.exe program, this is the basic configuration utility. Select the resolution to the display size you want the game to be.

Enable V-Sync, the V-Sync option by checking the check box. We need this to limit the game’s frame rate.

Disable Enable Hardware Mouse, deselect the Enable Hardware Mouse option. This is the fix for the mouse not working.

Disable Movies, only check this option if you continue to have crashes with full screen mode disabled.

Editing the swkotor.ini file using Notepad.

Enable Frame Buffer, enabling the Frame Buffer combined with V-Sync will fix the character stop moving after combat issue. You can enable Frame Buffer in game by use of the game graphics options menu or by editing the swkotor.ini file.

  • Open swkotor.ini in a plain text editor such as Notepad.
  • Find [Graphics Options]
  • Change attribute Frame Buffer value from 0 to 1

Disabling Full Screen mode, I recommend this to prevent stretching/scaling, as well, I believe this helps prevent freezing or crashing when the cinematic movies start.

  • Open swkotor.ini in a plain text editor such as Notepad.
  • Find [Graphics Options]
  • Change attribute FullScreen value from 1 to 0
  • Add attribute AllowWindowedMode=1

Quick Solutions:

Character Stops Moving Fix, V-Sync and Frame Buffer must be enabled to prevent this glitch. V-Sync must be an enabled option in your Video Card Control Panel. If this still doesn’t work, hold down the S key and double click the right mouse button anywhere on the ground.

Opening Screen Logo Movie Fix, if swkotor freezes or crashes on startup, there are three ways to fix this.

  1. Disable Full Screen mode (needs further testing), see above instructions
  2. Remove / rename the logo movie files.
    swkotor Steam Edition
    Location: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\swkotor\movies” 

    • biologo.bik
    • leclogo.bik
    • legal.bik
  3. Disable all movies, with the swconfig.exe utility.

Cinematic Movies Fix, disabling Full Screen mode may fix movie issues (needs further testing). Alternatively you can disable all movies, you will miss a lot of the story since you can’t watch the movies but the game will not freeze or crash when the movie starts.

Mouse Fix, using the swconfig.exe utility deselect the Enable Hardware Mouse option.

Wide-screen Fix, I recommend not to playing swkotor in full screen mode.

Screen Flickers and Anti-Aliasing, see Anti-Alias Mode instructions.


Keyboard Stopped Working, this is an odd glitch that rarely happens to me and has only happened when loading a game. I just restart the game.



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Comments: 4, Write Comment

  1. Chris says:

    I am having the combat bug and I have done all you said. I just checked my drivers but its still not working. Any other ideas?

    • Patcoola says:

      Check this first

      Quick Solutions: Character Stops Moving Fix

      If this doesn’t work the only other way is a work around. Use “quick save” then use “quick load”. Otherwise the game was made for Windows XP, if you have an old computer you should have no problem or you can use a Mac, the Mac version doesn’t have any problems that I know of.

  2. Kristof says:


    I’m constantly having the not moving after combat bug, frame buffer is enabled and so is V-sync yet this doesn’t seem to solve the problem at all.

    Do you have anything else I can try so I don’t get bogged down because of that bug?



    • Patcoola says:


      Make sure your drivers are up to date, mouse, keyboard and video.
      Make sure your video card is set to allow V-Sync.

      Other solution to working around the combat bug:
      Use “quick save” then use “quick load”.


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