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News: Backlog of Scripts 2012/10/10

, By Patcoola

Once again I have a collection of Java Scripts for functions, APIs and classes to post for the Blog over the next few weeks.

About 35 script descriptions will be posted.


The following script details listed below will be posted over the weeks to come.

Java Script

  • Is Odd
  • Is Even
  • Get Distance X
  • Get Distance Y
  • String Repeat
  • Mouse Wheel
  • Mouse Buttons
  • Context Menu
  • Degrees To X
  • Degrees To Y
  • Ceil To
  • Floor To
  • Round To
  • Highest
  • Lowest
  • Sum
  • Average
  • Key API
  • Simple Sprite Sheet
  • Max Length
  • Labels
  • Enclose In Div
  • Blinds
  • Set Box Shadow
  • Set Border Radius
  • Set Background Clip
  • Set Style User Select
  • Set Style
  • Input Combo Box
  • Restrict Text
  • Count Uppercase
  • Count Lowercase
  • Count Specials
  • Count Digits
  • Has CSS Rule
  • Has JS Object

Wow, that’s a long list, and more is development.




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