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News: Backlog of Scripts 2013/01/07

, By Patcoola

Last list of Java Script functions, APIs and classes from 2012 to post to the Blog over the next few weeks.

About 41 script descriptions will be posted.


The following script details listed below will be posted over the weeks to come.

Java Script

  • Sentence Case
  • Capitalize Every Word
  • Toggle Case
  • Title Case
  • Move Y By
  • Move X By
  • Move To
  • Move By
  • String Padding
  • Has Element Attribute
  • ASCII Animation 01
  • ASCII Animation 02
  • ASCII Animation 03
  • ASCII Animation 04
  • ASCII Animation 05
  • ASCII Animation 06
  • ASCII Animation 07
  • Tween X By
  • Tween Y By
  • Tween To
  • Decimal Value
  • Most Counted
  • Count Entry
  • Add Element
  • Remove Element By ID
  • Set Style Sheet Rule
  • Count Style Sheets
  • Create Style Sheet
  • Append Style Sheet Rule
  • View Style Sheet
  • Count Style Sheet Rules
  • Image Width
  • Image Height
  • Image Is Loaded
  • Image Swap
  • Image Preload
  • Image Best Fit
  • Super Trim
  • Super Trim White
  • Super Trim Spaces
  • Type

More coming.




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