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Blog News: War on Spam, Track Back Update 2013/03/11

, By Patcoola

Track backs is a system used by many content management software for Websites such as WordPress, Drupal, Movable Type, etc.

A track back is a type of link back method for requesting or notifying a remote Website that a Web page has made a link to one of your Web page’s.


Whenever a track back enabled Website posts a Web page with links, the Website sends an automatic ping to the links notifying the Websites that a selected Web page has been linked to from this address.

Track backs are often abused by Spammers, the Spammer sends a ping to selected Web pages without any links in the Spam site’s Web page.

I have updated my track back system to check all addresses Web page contents to verify if the remote Web page actually has a permalink to my Web page.

This should almost reduce all my track back Spam by 99 percent.




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