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Rant: Reasons I hate Apple’s Computers

, By Patcoola

*The following is a rant, everything in this rant is written as is. You may post a comment on my rant, but do be advised, your comments may not be approved by a moderator.

*I also refer to Macs as Apple’s or Apple computers because Apple officially changed it’s company name from Macintosh to Apple.

*Warning this rant is five pages long!


They’re not computers they’re consumer electrics

There are two classes of computers: consumer electrics and industry computers AKA “Investments”.

Consumer electrics are computers with proprietary parts and are not field replaceable “fixable”. These computers are barebone machines and are often used for small tasks. The value of a consumer electric depreciates very quickly.

An industry computer is a high end machine with all standardize parts, it is fully customizable and upgradable. These computers are used for heavy duty tasks and are referred to as investments.

Laptops are consumer electrics and Apple’s desktop computers with the exception of the Mac Pro are laptops.

Price point

Apple computers are expensive as all laptops are. You’re paying for size.

Cost per cost my industry PC has power and performance that the iMac will not catch up to for several years by comparison and features the iMac will never have. Need I say more.


For a laptop, you’re buying into a pretty powerfully machine, however, laptops provide lackluster long jeopardy.

Life span

Macintosh was well known for their everlasting life span, however, Apple computers are PCs and they are using laptop parts. These computers are fast today slow tomorrow and will slow down as they get hotter.

Then there’s software, unless you’re OK with no software backwards compatibility you will have to upgrade to the latest Apple operating system and re-buy all your software. Because you are basically stuck with the software you got when you bought your computer.

Cost of ownership

Since an Apple computer is a laptop, the power consumption is very good, which is your only benefit.

I’ve spent tons of money on external equipment, many USB hubs, external hard drives, adapters, etc. Then there’s software, I don’t like buying tons of software over and over again. Apple and Windows software on an Apple computer together and constant updates because of poor backwards compatibility.

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