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Blog News: Introducing Graffiti

, By Patcoola

As you may or may not have noticed, many blog posts now present a poster or comic.

I am now making posters / comics for my blog posts, which I call graffiti; some are fully colored and some are black and white. I’m sure everyone will like the art and graphics I have made and will continue to make for my blog posts.


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You may also see all the posts which currently have graffiti by clicking on the graffitied tag link found at the bottom of a graffitied blog post or you can use the link below to view all the graffitied blog.

Link: [ Graffitied ]

I am very happy to be doing the graphics as I have been looking for an excuse to do graphics that I can display to the public. At the moment all my digital art is currently under lock and key for the development of a series of animated shorts, this art is called the Digital Assets Library. Graffiti is an excellent idea to attract the attention of readers and I am happy to do it.



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