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Script: Mouse Inner Position [JS API]

, By Patcoola

Script Title: mouseInnerPos
Programming Language: JavaScript
Date Completed: 2013/06/04

Purpose: Get the mouse’s inner x and y position within an element.

Description: Get the mouse position within an element.

Compatibility: Works with all web browsers.


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Returns the current x position.

Returns the current y position.

Returns true or false if the API is active.
Set the target element to listen for the mouse positions.

Get the current target element the mouse is focused on.

Function to start the API.

Function to stop the API.

Example Usage: = document.getElementById( ‘box’ );

var intv = self.setInterval ( function() {

if ( == mouseInnerPos.curTarget ) {
document.getElementById( ‘results’ ).innerHTML = ‘X: ‘ + mouseInnerPos.api.x
+ ‘, Y: ‘ + mouseInnerPos.api.y;

}, 16 );



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