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R&D: Blocking the Middle Click Scroll Handle 2013/11/04

, By Patcoola

Left click, Middle click, Right click, disabling the Web browser’s default action for creating Web Applications and Games provides a range of possibilities. However, the ability to override such a features depends completely on the Web browser itself.

Test Browsers:

  • FireFox 3.5, 9, 15, 25
  • Opera 12
  • IE 7, 8, 9, 10
  • Chrome 20, 30

The challenge; The ability to override the Web browser’s default middle click action depends on the Web browser.

Note: AppleWebKits based Web browsers (Safari/Chrome), version 412 and earlier can only detect Left Clicks.


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Disabling the middle click action

FireFox does not allow the ability to override the middle click action, but the button is detectable. However, the scroll handle only fires when the scrollable area has a scroll area and does not fire if no scrollable area is present.

Opera fires the scroll handle regardless if there is no scrollable area present.

IE 9 and 10 can disable the scroll handle.

IE 8 only fires the scroll handle if there is a scrollable area present.

IE 7 fires the scroll handle regardless if there is no scrollable area present.

Chrome can disable the scroll handle.

Work around, we can trick some Web browsers into seeing no scrollable area. Note: iFrames with no scrollable area do not provoke the scroll handle if middle clicked on. We can create what is known as a iFrame layer to cover the Web browser’s viewable area, thus preventing the scroll handle.

Web browsers supporting iFrame work around:

  • IE 8
  • FireFox



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