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The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot – First Look

, By Patcoola

The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot (Quest for Loot) is a family friendly causal action role playing game from Ubisoft Montreal. In the world of Quest for Loot you play as a hero and castle owner, your goal is to loot neighboring castles for personal gain while setting up your own castle defense to gain crown points and protect your gold and life stones.


This game has a story book introduction which is fully narrative, soon after the introduction to the world of Quest for Loot you begin the tutorials. Throughout the game there are humorous voice overs and sound effects.

The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot is completely free to play. You may buy gems to purchase new castle themes, hero costumes, additional heroes and one hour collect extra resource boosts. Free gems can be obtained as rewards.

The game, design your castle up to nine rooms, place traps and monsters to defeat a looting player, some defeated players will increase your crown points while ever time a player is defeated in your castle a grave stone is left behind which can be redeemed for life stones. Your hero can attack a neighboring player’s castle or a region castle, each region has a boss castle, the game play and graphics are similar to the Torchlight games. Traps and monsters all interact with each other, for example if you kick back a monster into a crowd then all those monsters are hit back a bit and take damage, monsters can take damage from traps and each other. Attacking a castle takes about three to five minutes. Quest for Loot is highly repetitive.

Multiplayer, this game is actually a solo game, and the only interaction with another player in the world is by chat room, attacking a player’s castle or replaying an attacker’s attack on your castle.

Attacking a castle, a hero cannot change skills or equipment while in a castle, a hero can only carry four healing potions, Mana regenerates by every attack or over time. At random a monster may drop a healing orb upon death. Often you can complete a castle without ever using a healing potion thanks to healing orbs. You are limited to an option of four skills to use in battle. As you play through the castle you are rated by three starts, one for time to beat, one for destroying all gold and life stone mines and one for completing the castle without dying. Completing all three stars gives 100% of the reward. After completing the castle you can rate a castle out of five and write a comment to the player.

Gear, like Diablo or Torchlight you can expect a lot of gear drops, some attributes to note are gear that has both physical and magical defense, damage reflect and weapons with explosive damage. If you manage to find a weapon with explosive damage this means you gain an explosion every so often at random, this can be very helpful.

Leveling UP, it’s very hard and long to level up a hero, but leveling a castle only requires the cost of life stones, the castle may not be more than two levels higher than your strongest hero, however, it’s a good idea to keep your castle level low. A good way to grain exp, gold and stones is to enter a high level non-player castle and just loss repeatedly, there is no penalty for dying in a non-player castle, you will keep all exp, gold and stones collected except gear collected. Note: You can gain exp from traps by getting close to them.

Designing your castle, a very fun part of the game, you can design your castle but with some limitations, you are limited to a number of rooms to be placed and a number of defense points for monsters and traps. Designing a good defense is challenging and is all part of the fun, when you are finish designing or have modified your castle, you will need to verify the castle by playing your own castle.

The shield, after you have been looted a shield for eight hours goes up, this means you don’t lose gold and life stones by looters during this time, but you can still lose crowns. If you want players to attack you right away you may deactivate your shield at any time.

Defending your castle, is hard but that’s part of the fun of the game. There are many moments in the game where a hero’s strength exceeds your defense. You may want to keep your castle one region below your hero for some time, doing so you won’t be the lowest level castle in a high level region attracting high level heroes to attack your weak defense. Know your monsters and their abilities.

Collecting grave stone tip, often it maybe difficult to collect a grave stone in your castle because it is located by or on top of a monster or trap. A good tip is to zoom in, try rotating the camera and aim your mouse cursor over the grave stone’s sides/edges. This maybe a current design flaw in the game that maybe fixed in a later date. When all else you may have to move the monster or trap.

Currently (2014-03-04) The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot is still in open beta which means it’s an incomplete game, I personally feel that the game lacks content and feels limiting, hopefully the game expands to keep my personal interest as the game play is very repetitive. Castle design feels limited and many players’ castles lack originality.

The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot is a fun and challenging game but very repetitive.




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