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The Redesign is Finally Here!

, By Patcoola

It’s Here!

The Blog’s big redesign is finally complete.

Read all about the many new features included with the launch and what didn’t make the cut.


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What’s New

  • New Layout and Menus
  • New Website Graphics
  • New URL (Web Address)
  • New branding under Tigarus
  • 18 Pages Redesigned
  • 13 New Page Graphics
  • All new clip art
  • New front page promotional content slider
  • Dedicated advertisement placement
  • 6 Advertisement presenters
  • Side advertisement has movement area
  • Ad Blocker detector
  • 6 Ad Blocker replacement content
  • Web browser version detector
  • Web browser minimum requirements page
  • Many top menu pages removed
  • New Shop page added
  • Shop page has Paypal crowd funding form
  • Blog posts have new comments area
  • Blog posts have new print option
  • Blog posts have new share service
  • Very Low HTTP requests design
  • Rich media, Flat Web design below 0.8 Megabyte per page
  • 9 Web Applications completely remade in HTML5
  • Created Embedded Content System to deliver Web Apps
  • Created Web Apps development structure
  • Created Web Apps Embedded Content compiler
  • Updated content management software
  • Content management software setup for multiple Websites
  • Content management software modified

What didn’t make the cut

  • WYSIWYG Comment Writer
  • Videos and Animations
  • More Graphics

What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Comment Writer. 16 days of full time development and it was only stable for Safari 4+, Chrome 10+, Opera 16+ and Internet Explorer 7+. Added work for the user interface required, the WYSIWYG script won’t be ready for a while.

Fixed issues since launch

Updated: 2014-05-15

The launch was almost perfect, however, the change from the test/development environment was not 100% perfect, here is a list of things that was fixed since the launch.

  • Front page showcase slider – fix dynamic assigned item range
  • Browser minimum requirements – fix path error
  • Comments filters overwritten on software update
  • Trackback filters overwritten on software update
  • URL redirect for special website overwritten on software update
  • Web App: ETA Calculator – fixed am pm issue
  • Embedded content page tracker conflict (Google analytics) fixed



Donate Now!

This might not be the best time, but making a blog is not easy. Would you consider donating?


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