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Link: Rocksmith Song Search

February 25, 2015, I had launched an exciting new side project of mine. Rocksmith Song Search is a free service posted on my blog to provide a searchable song and artist database. This database lists songs, artists and song packs from the game Rocksmith.

This project was created as a side project for educational purposes to further develop and learn about database search functionality. I chose Rocksmith as the subject because I believe this would be the Internet’s first searchable Rocksmith song database also I believe in the future Rocksmith could someday have more than ten thousand songs and it’s good to get an early start on a searchable database while the list is still small.

I will continue to update to database with new songs each week alone side Rocksmith releases. The project includes an administrative dashboard to add new songs and packs. I hope everyone enjoys my little project that took me two weeks to make and may take years to maintain.

Rocksmith Song Search [ Click Here ]

Background Notes: Since the release of Rocksmith for the PC I have been keeping a list of all Rocksmith Songs to keep track of songs I own and don’t own. Latter the list changed to include song tuning to help making buying decisions for Downloadable Content (DLC).

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