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systems by tigarus

May 1st 2015 the early access launch of my new website for computer services featuring my personal I.T. department. Systems by Tigarus

The site is to help showcase my work and legacy in the future while providing services to the many locals who have requested my services. The site launched with just over 50 pages of business information such as Standards and Practices, Policy, Sample Report Document, Services and Service Details.

Special features to note include a Calender, Customizable Computers online and an Asset Identification service for identifying computers.

The site was designed with large font for easy access and tablet compatibility.

The back-end system features an Enterprise Resource Planner.

Administration can Add and Edit Customer Information, Add and Edit Computer Information, Add Inventory Brands, Items, Services and Create Inventory Lists.

Currently not available is the Invoice Generator, Service Report Generator, Customer Login and Online Payments using Paypal.

I will update the site in the future, but till then I have no incentive or obligate to do so as there has never been any demand for my I.T. Services.

Visit Website [Systems by Tigarus]

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