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Dungeon Hunter 5 Review

, By Patcoola

Dungeon Hunter 5 is a Free to Play, Multiplayer, Action RPG mobile game that requires an Internet connect to play. Dungeon Hunter 5 offers beautiful graphics and excellent game play but suffers from repetition and slow downs.


The campaigns (Single Player Story) is numerous but requires repetition for materials; better materials come from completing levels at higher difficulties. Leveling up is easy, however, you’ll have to focus more on leveling equipment, this is pretty easy as you mainly need gold which can be quickly acquired from Player Vs Player (PVP).

Equipment, your real power comes from your equipment which can only be upgraded by two tiers, so it is important to find the highest tier equipment you can find and invest into it. You want to find tier three (three star) equipment as this can be upgraded to the highest tier, the problem is that you’ll have to unlock the highest difficulty on the last few campaigns of the story mode to grind it out. Yes I said grind it, unless you save up enough free gems to buy high level chests, you’ll have to grind it out or buy gems.

Evolution, to upgrade your equipment tier you’ll need to gather evolution materials, the best way to do so is by completing weekly dungeon quests. Weekly dungeon quests are a pain as you have to wait till the day of the week to grind it out, this is a big inconvenience.

Player Vs Player (PVP), Dungeon Hunter 5 makes getting gold easy by providing each player with their own personal stronghold, here you can setup creatures to defend your stronghold and produce gold. Attacking other players will steal the gold the creatures have produced and you’ll gain a victory reward.

Performance issues, the game suffers from poor optimization so specific locations on levels are slower than others and heavy action will slow the game down. Often the game would stall waiting for the game server to respond, this happened to me a lot when a campaign or PVP was completed, I had to wait some time before I could see my victory rewards and results.

Conclusion, the graphics are beautiful, the game play is solid, but the game suffers from repetition and slow downs. Some older smart phones or tablets will have poor performance and long loading screens. The game tries to get you to buy gems to obtain the best equipment. I recommend this game only to try it out but do not commit to it as you’ll spend weeks grinding and waiting for weekly dungeons.




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