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MARVEL Future Fight Review

, By Patcoola

MARVEL Future Fight is a Free to Play, Multiplayer, Action RPG mobile game that requires an Internet connect to play. MARVEL Future Fight offers beautiful graphics and excellent game play but suffers from repetition and continues grinding.


Future Fight is a solid game with excellent controls, visuals and performance. The game has many game levels called stages and tons of heroes and villains to unlock. Future Fight looks and plays great but you don’t really play Future Fight as it’s mostly auto play. The only time you actually play Future Fight is when you are playing a new stages that you have not completed with three stars, afterward you unlock full auto play.

Auto play is a nice feature to lessen the meaning less grinding for gear upgrade materials, coins, leveling up your characters and Player Vs Player (PVP) Arena. Auto play just shows you how boring and repetitive this game really is, there is so much grinding in this game, you have to use auto play, grab a cup of coffee, push a button, auto play, one hour latter your energy ran out, oh wait, daily free refill, then repeat. Once your energy runs out, you can use the daily refill or wait a few hours, you can also receive daily and weekly rewards to refill your energy, your energy refills when gaining a SHIELD level as well for more grinding.

You will spend a lot of time in auto play grinding for hours and months. Future Fight offers many features for extending the game play for more grinding, you can level up your characters, level up their gear, level up their ranks, all will require a lot of grinding but don’t worry, you have auto play.

While playing Future Fight you may notice auto playing low level stages is not worth your time and your right, that’s where stage clearing tickets come in. You can grind stages for stage clearing tickets, these tickets instantly clear the stage for you as long as you have completed to stage with three stars. The down side to stage clearing tickets is that you do not gain experience points but you will gain stage rewards.

Leveling up you characters is very time consuming, levels are not good enough to make a strong character, you need to upgrade their gear, skills, ranks and leadership, oh boy more grinding. On the plus side some stages has experience chips rewards which will help leveling lower characters a lot.

Leveling a character to level 30 isn’t very hard when you already have a high level character to help power level the newbie. Once you reach level 30 gaining levels become very slow and you have to level everything else to make a strong hero.

Unlocking characters is pretty easy, you gain biometrics by playing stages. Elite stages allows you to choose the character you want, but gaining biometrics is random. Latter you’ll reach a point in the game that will unlock dimensional shifters, you will have the chance to fight along side or against a random ally or enemy at random when playing a normal or elite stage. When you complete a stage with a shifter you will automatically gain a free biometric from each shifter. Special characters can only be gained by tokens or dimensional portals.

Player Vs Player (Area) is almost pointless and mostly auto play. Area allows players to attack each other in one on one fights, this gains weekly tournament leader board points. Players will gain rewards for ranking in the Area, such as free gems which is used for In-App purchases.

In-App purchases are expensive, you can easily spend hundreds of dollars to unlock characters and be warned as attempting to unlock characters may not give you the results you are looking for when using real money.

Purchasing uniforms by real money or by earning gem rewards is worth it as uniforms provide a 10 percent character stats bonus.

Stages are short and well designed, however, stages are reused constantly and there is a loading screen half way through each stage.

Conclusion, I like Future Fight personally. I found Future Fight to be addictive to collect and play heroes, as well, I find auto play cool to watch. The only real draw back is the long grinds and boring dimensional rift story. Overall the game is solid and I recommend people to try it, but be warned of the long repetitive grinding.




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