Update: Rocksmith Song Search 2015-08-01

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Link: Rocksmith Song Search

Rocksmith Song Search gets updated. Included in the update is new administrative features and some fixes.

Today August 01, 2015, I have finished and updated the Rocksmith Song Search service. The Update fixes broken links and fixes the alphabetic navigation not updating. In-addition new features have been added.


  • Fix: Broken Links
  • Fix: Alphabetic Navigation Index not updating
  • Change: Start Menu
  • Change: Song Pack List now sorts packs’ titles excluding “The” at the beginning
  • New: Page titles now display sub page title
  • New: Administrative¬†– Adding new songs is now easier with an add song assistance form
  • New: Administrative – Adding new song packs is now easier with an add song pack assistance form

Technical Notes:

Previously adding new songs was a bit difficult as I used a CSV system from excel sheets. Each song was added to an excel sheet and search terms was hand written, but now I can use an on-site form to generate the CSV format to be submitted to the database. The website now does almost all the work for me, thus, eliminating the excel sheet. As well, there is no longer an issue with ASCII and UTF-8 character codes.

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