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Claymore and Freezing Manga Similarities

, By Patcoola

As many have probably noticed, Claymore and Freezing are basically a rip-off of the same plot.

The both series are in a world where females are implanted with the flesh of an alien species to protect the world from a threat. In Claymore, the setting is the medieval ages where Freezing is in the future (2056?). Claymore focuses on the monster transformations and characters’ psychotic episodes where Freezing focuses on being erotic.


Warning: the following may contain spoilers!
Disclaimer: I have not finished reading Freezing.

The main characters Clare and Satellizer:

  • Both where abused as a child
  • Both are blondish
  • Both were given their powers from a past warrior and not directly from the source
  • Both were considered the weakest at some point
  • Both quickly gain massive amounts of power
  • Both have a strong will to never loss
  • Both are able to push their powers above normal limited
  • Both are able to transform using their implant’s power
  • Both lost family members
  • Both start the series without friends
  • Both were emotionally closed off from the world
  • Both open up emotionally to a younger man
  • Both use a blade weapon

Similarities of both stories:

  • Genders: Females are warriors
  • Source of power: Implanting the flesh of an alien species
  • Enemy: Monster like with morphing and hidden powers
  • Enemy Treat: Threatens the world
  • Warriors: Organized, trained and ranked
  • Warriors often fight each other
  • Warrior powers: Determined by the warrior’s personality
  • Warriors can transform using their implant’s power
  • Combat: Many people die or loss limbs
  • Healing: Warriors have healing factor and regeneration
  • Implant’s transformation: Determined by the warrior’s personality
  • Mental state: Many warriors have psychotic episodes
  • Ranks: Losses importance as the series progresses
  • Research: Both stories talk a lot about research for making better warriors

The differences:

  • Focus: Claymore is dark, Freezing is erotic
  • Setting: Claymore is medieval, Freezing is in the near future
  • Story location: Claymore is on an island for experiments, Freezing is world wide
  • The enemy: Claymore is their own organization, Freezing is space aliens (I think?)
  • Male warriors: Claymore forbids the creation of male warriors, Freezing males are for support
  • The younger man: Claymore, only Clare has a partner, Freezing has a partner for everyone
  • Main weapons: Claymore has indestructible swords, Freezing materializes its weapons
  • Hunger: Claymores don’t eat much, Freezing eats normally however, Satellizer eats a lot
  • Freezing ability: Freezing is an ability used by males and the enemy in Freezing
  • Transformations: Pandoras has the option of using a power suit in Freezing

Did Freezing ripped-off Claymore?

According to Wikipedia Claymore was originally released in 2001 where Freezing was released in 2007. Although Claymore came first, the details of Claymore’s story was not revealed till many years into the series, possibly after 2007, so saying Freezing directly ripped-off Claymore would be very debatable.

To be politically correct we can safely say Freezing may of been inspired by Claymore.

Final thoughts

Although vary similar, the two have a difference in story setting, situation and direction which makes them tell a completely different story from one another. A must read.




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